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IL Chapter: Assembly Representative, Northern District (Elected position - term begins Jan 1, 2021)

Signup Deadline: 03-10-2020
Starts: 01-01-2021
Ends: 12-31-2022


Two year term.  The election for Northern District Assembly Representatives will be held in spring, 2020 for the term beginning January 1, 2021.

The Northern district includes McHenry and Lake Counties; Cook County west of Highway 53; DuPage County north of Highway 64 and west of Highway 53; Kane County north of 64.

PT & PTA Representatives to the Assembly
The Assembly of Representatives is the IPTA’s largest body of governance and directs the future of the IPTA in its consideration of bylaws, policies, positions, and priorities. The two year term of PT Assembly Representative involves attending the annual Chapter Assembly and representing District PT members in the conduct of the Assembly business. District representatives participate in pre and post Assembly conference calls and activities, and assist District chairs in facilitating discussions at local meetings that can lead to ideas debated at the Assembly. District representatives attend and vote at the annual Chapter Assembly. Representatives also report the Assembly outcomes to the District via emails and presentations at local meetings.

More information about being a part of the Assembly of Representatives
The Annual Assembly is an IPTA policy-making body comprised of voting representatives from all of the IPTA Districts. During which time, Representatives make decisions on issues that impact the future of the IPTA in its consideration of rules, policy, and priorities.

Report to: The Speaker of Assembly and the IPTA Assembly of Representatives at their annual spring meeting. Reports to their District’s memberships relaying concerns and consensus on motions brought forward.

Composition & Term: The Assembly is designed as a deliberative body in the tradition of a democratic society. It is analogous to other legislative bodies such as congress or your state legislature. Each District shall elect 1 PT representative for each 15 PT members in their district, with a minimum of 4 PT representatives from each District. Each District shall elect 1 PTA for each 15PTA members in their district. The non-voting delegates to the assembly consist of 2 student representatives elected by each of the PT and PTA school programs, and 1 representative from an IPTA Special Interest Group (excluding the S.S.I.G.). Assembly representatives are slated volunteers who consent to serve and are slated at District elections. Terms for Assembly representatives are 2 year terms, starting January 1st.

Benefits: Your contribution will help to shape the development of policies and positions that direct the Chapter’s mission, vision, goals, objectives, activities & budget. You represent your District in providing action that will help shape your Districts wants and needs. Assist in making changes to further shape the welfare of the PT profession.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Hold legislative powers and authority to determine policy of the Chapter.
  • Amend and repeal bylaws
  • Charge the Board of Directors to carry out activities on behalf of the Chapter
  • Modify or reverse a decision of the Board of Directors
  • Read all Assembly packets, motions, and reports.
  • Attend all District Assembly Representative meetings and/or conference calls leading to Annual Assembly.
  • Caucus with other Assembly Representatives and members of your District.
  • Attendance at the IPTA Annual Assembly of Representatives.

Time Commitment: Representatives have deadlines they are responsible for meeting prior to the spring Assembly. Representatives must attend District caucusing prior to the Assembly. Serving as an Assembly Representative requires approximately 2-3 hours of work per month, although initially this may be greater, when circumstances arise.

Qualifications: Only members of the chapter who have been in good standing may be representatives to the Assembly. Assembly representatives are elected in annual district elections. In order to be successful as representatives, procedural knowledge of Robert’s Rule of Order and parliamentary procedure is helpful. Attending district events and building relationships with members in your district are key to representing your District’s needs and opinions of topics addressed at the Assembly. It is important to be organized and able to meet deadlines.

Training and Support:The Chapter office provides annual volunteer orientation as well as ongoing administrative and clerical support. Assembly Representatives can access the Assembly community on the IPTA website regularly and often, for posted materials and resources. Access to resource documents and information is available through www.IPTA.org. In addition, you will have opportunities to participate in APTA’s various training opportunities that are relevant to your role.

Recourse: The IPTA places great value on the relationship between members, staff, and businesses working together to further our mission. The IPTA also recognizes that there may be occasions when conflicts arise. If such circumstance occurs, please consult with the IPTA President and Executive Director.

Evaluation: Your District Chair will contact you before the completion of your term for feedback on your volunteer experience. This will be used to update this job description, develop appropriate materials, and effectively orient future IPTA volunteers.

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Colleen Flannery
Illinois Physical Therapy Association IL Executive Director