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IL Chapter: Vice President, Board of Directors (Elected position - term begins 1.1.21)

Signup Deadline: 03-10-2020
Starts: 01-01-2021
Ends: 12-31-2022


Vice President is a 2 year position, eligible for second consecutive term.  The is an elected position and the general election will take place in spring, 2020 for terms beginning January 1, 2021.  

  • Member of the IPTA Board of Directors
  • Member of the IPTA Executive Committee
  • Member/President of the IPTF Board of Directors

The Vice President serves as a member of the IPTA’s Board of Director’s Executive Committee.  The Vice President also serves as the Chair of the IPTA’s newly formed Illinois Physical Therapy Foundation (501(c)3) as well as the Vice Speaker of the Assembly of Representatives.  The responsibilities of the Vice President include attending and participating in all (5) board meetings and (4-6) executive committee meetings, chairing the (2-4) meetings of the IPTF, and vice-chairing the pre and post meetings of the Assembly.  In person or virtual attendance is acceptable, with the exception of the Assembly of Representatives, where in person attendance is required.

In addition to filling in as needed for the President, the Vice President may be assigned additional responsibilities by the IPTA President.  This may include attending political events or district events/meetings, chairing or serving on a taskforce or workgroup, or solo work on a specific initiative.  For the IPTF, the Vice President (as Chair), will help the foundation move forward on its strategic plan.  For the Assembly, the Vice President (as Vice Speaker) fills in as needed for the Speaker, and assists the Speaker at the annual Assembly.

The ideal candidate for Vice President should be passionate about the physical therapy profession and be interested in how the IPTF will help advance research and education to the benefit of the public.  Strong organization/time management skills, ability to communicate effectively, and ability to complete tasks on time are important attributes for a person serving in this important position.  It is estimated that it takes approximately 8-10 hours per month to effectively hold this position.  In state travel may be required but usually does not require overnight stay.

To learn more about serving on the IPTA Board of Directors, visit: https://www.ipta.org/page/BoardofDirectors


Elected positions
Leadership development

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Colleen Flannery
Illinois Physical Therapy Association IL Executive Director