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APTA Geriatrics Skilled Nursing Facility SIG Student Liaison

Signup Deadline: 06-24-2024
Starts: 07-01-2024
Ends: 07-01-2025
Location: Online Opportunity


The SNF Special Interest Group (SNF SIG) of APTA Geriatrics is currently seeking a volunteer to serve as a student liaison.
Responsibilities/Job Duties: 
• Throughout the year:
• The student liaison reports to the SIG Chair and/or his/her/their designee. (anticipated at ~2-4hrs/month):
o Answer all emails from the SIG leadership within 1 week of receipt to ensure optimal communication.
o Attend and keep minutes for all SIG leadership conference calls/meetings (i.e., remote), as able.
o Attend and keep minutes for SIG member meetings (remote or in-person), as able.
o Provide administrative support for all SIG leadership, as able.
o Work with the other executive committee members to disseminate clinically relevant tools for student members, if appropriate.
o Participate in projects of the SIG, as able, to promote applicability to student members.
o Collaborate with an article to GeriNotes for consideration of publication related to experience or content within the SIG.
o Contribute to the SIG’s newsletter with a section titled “Student Highlight” to foster student engagement and participation.
o Other duties as assigned by the SIG Chair and/or his/her/their designee.
• Twice a year:
• Collaborate with the APTA Geriatric Student SIG Communication Liaison to provide:
o Topics of relevance from Skilled Nursing SIG for student newsletter (Not limited to student spotlight, article, community highlight, upcoming education)
o Communicate with APTA Student Social Media Liaisons, SIG leadership, and APTA Geriatrics staff as needed to provide:
o One social media post related to Skilled Nursing
o One topic of relevance from the Skilled Nursing SIG to “For Students” section of the APTA Geriatrics website (Not limited to student spotlight, article, community highlight, upcoming education)


Student opportunities

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Kim Thompson
APTA Geriatrics