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APTA Geriatrics State Advocate Regional Coordinator

Signup Deadline: 03-24-2021
Starts: 04-01-2021
Ends: 04-01-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


To mentor and support the APTA Geriatrics State Advocates in appointed
region as they advocate for the aging adult and promote the Academy in their
states, oversee the recognition of APTA Geriatrics State Advocates who have
completed their service, and the recruitment and appointment of new State Advocates.

Duties and Qualifications:

1. Provide two-way communication between the APTA Geriatrics State Advocates and the Academy.
2. Follow up with APTA Geriatrics State Advocates at least three times per year to make sure they are making progress on their annual projects, as detailed in the APTA Geriatrics Advocate Job Description. The focus of
following up would be to give you the chance to talk with them, brainstorm,problem-solve regarding roadblocks they’ve encountered, encourage them to use Academy Resources, etc. This can be done individually or by group and state opportunities available.
4. Utilize state advocates as liaisons to their state APTA association to identify and publish state specific resources for aging adults and their families.
5. Respond in a timely manner (1 week whenever possible, 2 weeks max) to APTA Geriatrics Advocate e-mails and calls. Respond in timely manner (1 week whenever possible 2 weeks max) to APTA Geriatrics Staff Liaison,
BOD Liaison or other State Advocate Regional Coordinator emails and calls.
6. Monthly update the APTA Geriatrics Staff Liaison on changes to State Advocates with contact info, to facilitate current info available on the APTA Geriatrics website, awareness of open positions. Work with other Regional Coordinators to jointly advertise open positions in APTA Geriatrics communication including GeriNotes and APTA Geriatrics Facebook page, and at CSM exhibit hall table, as needed.
6. During your term, there will be two periods where 8-15 APTA Geriatrics Advocate’s terms will end. Work to recruit a new APTA Geriatrics Advocate for each state in your appointed region as open.
7. Keep a list of your activities and submit once a year to your Board liaison, prior to the Combined Sections Meeting in February.
8. Mentor someone to take over for you when your term is up.
9. Facilitate meeting with the Regional Coordinators at CSM and as many State Advocates who can participate. This would provide a chance to share their projects, problem solve what is working and not working, encourage use of Academy resources, network with each other.
10. Maintain electronic resources such as APTA Geriatrics website, State Advocate Facebook page, Google Drive, to facilitate access to resources and encourage communication between State Advocates and the Regional

Must be a member of APTA Geriatrics.
Must maintain a working e-mail address in APTA’s database.
Must have served as an APTA Geriatrics State Advocate in the last two years.
Training and Supervision: An appointed existing State Advocate Regional
Coordinator will provide orientation. Your BOD Liaison will arrange to talk over
the telephone with you within two weeks of receipt of the orientation packet.
The BOD Liaison will provide support throughout the term and is available to
answer any questions. BOD Liaison will meet with State Advocate Regional
Coordinators as possible at CSM annually.
Commitment: 2-year term, 3-10 hours per month. This includes time to
communicate with State Advocates including updating resources, with other
Regional Coordinators, to communicate with APTA Geriatrics Staff about current
State Advocate activities, and mentoring and recruiting new State Advocates



Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Kim Thompson