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IL Chapter: Committee Forming: Telehealth & Technology in Practice

Signup Deadline: 08-30-2019
Starts: 09-09-2019
Ends: 02-01-2020


shutterstock_122766643.jpgAre you interested in driving health care forward by leveraging current and future technology with respect to care delivery?  Would you like to engage and enhance the care you provide through the use current and future technology?   Do you offer a service, skill, or expert area of practice of which demands exposure beyond the confines of your office?   Have you considered how current and future technological advancements could augment and enhance your professional practice?   Are you or do you aspire to be clinician that is cutting edge of practice?  Are you a visionary type of individual that can not only realize the technology advancements that are now possible and are amazed with respect to what  the future will hold?   Do you consider your practice to be a thing past…or part of a vibrant future of which will revolutionize access, availability, and outreach of our profession?  Are you willing to consider current applications and future directions of the use of technology?

The IPTA is currently recruiting members in all categories of membership – students, new and not so new PT and PTA professionals to be a part of dynamic committee focused around telehealth that is part of current and future practice.  The time and future is now!   A select group will be chosen to work together to accomplish some exciting projects that are summarized below, along with the nuts and bolts of how these projects will be tackled.  If you are interested in continuing to move our professional forward, simply complete the application. 

Please join the current committee chair Kyle Fahey, PT  and current committee members: Trent Geurig, PTA; Cindy Rechenmacher, PT; Brad Tracy, PT. The brightest and best are encouraged to apply!  Your vision is what we are after, no experience is necessary, but what is required is your passion and willingness to get the job the done! 


The Telehealth Committee has been formed by the IPTA Board of Directors for the purpose of fulfilling the following objectives of the 2019-2020 Strategic Plan.

Goal 2:   IPTA will help transform the delivery of health care. (2019 – 2020 Strategic plan)

Objective 2: Encourage physical therapists and physical therapist assistants to adopt telehealth practices that improve consumer access to physical therapists.   

  1. Develop telehealth resources for members.

     Measure: Number of telehealth community members, goal of 200 by the end of 2019. 

  1. Advocate for fair payment for telehealth services by public and private insurers.

Measure: Public payors provide payment.

Measure: Private payors provide payment with goal of at least 2 major insurers include payment for PT services delivered remotely.

Tasks The committee is tasked with completing following according to the timeline provided:

  1. Complete a review of the current telehealth community webpage and develop a plan for timely ongoing review as well as regular contributions to the resources and forum. Suggestions:
  2. Include examples of practical applications involving telehealth.
  3. Review current links for functionality and applicability.
  4. Consider links to products of telehealth platforms that meet regulatory standards.
  5. Include links to current news, articles and programs/courses featuring telehealth concepts.

Complete initial work by November 1; implement plan and review outcomes in July 2020.

  1. Develop and implement a plan for promotion of the telehealth community (web page) to members. Suggestions:
  2. Promote telehealth on social media.
  3. Promote telehealth with an “article of the month” which consists of research or resources that could be featured in Keeping You Connected.

Complete initial work by December 1; implement plan and review outcomes in July 2020.

  1. Host Third Thursday as sequel to the last Third Thursday highlight practical applications of the use of telehealth as well as to serve to promote the telehealth community web page. (Jan – March 2020)
  2. Stay current on APTA advocacy efforts around payment with respect to telehealth to gain insight on federal policies and initiatives, disseminate information to members and encourage grassroots efforts. (ongoing)
  3. Communicate regularly with IPTA lobbyists regarding potential and pending legislation impacting telehealth; disseminate information to members on grassroots efforts. (ongoing)

Accountability The committee is accountable to the Board of Directors.

Constituency Members appointed by the President and approved by the Board.  Sharon Meyerhoff will serve as the staff liaison to the committee.  Brad Tracy will serve as the Board Champion and liaison between the committee and Board. The work group will seek input from others as needed to complete their tasks.

Resources: Resources should be requested through the assigned staff member (space, staff support, funds, information, etc). A response to the request (approval or options) will be provided within 48 hours. If additional funds are needed then a request with justification should be submitted to IPTA President.

Meetings: The committee will determine the number, frequency, location/format of meetings. The Chair of the committee is responsible for preparing meeting agendas, assigning responsibilities, tracking progress and completion of tasks, and preparing interim reports to the Board as requested.  The Chair will work with the assigned IPTA staff member to prepare and distribute materials in advance of each meeting.

Records: The committee will appoint a member to keep meeting notes. Meeting notes and all related documents will become part of the IPTA Archives.




Volunteers Needed:

4 (4 open slots)

Experience Required:

2 to 3 years volunteer experience


Colleen Flannery
Illinois Physical Therapy Association IL Executive Director