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Acute Care - Interim Education Committee Chair

Starts: 05-07-2020
Location: Online Opportunity



The Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy (AACPT), redesigned the Education Committee structure to better accommodate the needs of the members. Based on the AACPTs pillars: 1) Combined Section Meeting/Programming, 2) Online/Virtual/Podcasts, and 3) Bridge The Gap, the new structure will be designed to develop deliverables based on each/all of the pillars. The Interim Educational Chair will have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills, organizational skills, and to take the lead on executing the education model which has been adopted by the AACPT Board of Directors (BoD). This is a very unique opportunity for the right individual who is looking to make a difference and has a strong interest in education, mentoring and carrying out the goals of the Academy.

 The AACPT is conducting a search for candidates for the Interim Chair position. The Search Committee will interview candidates and will present the candidate(s) to the AACPT BoD. The BoD will be appoint the the interium chair. Once the structure is executed and the AACPT bylaws approved, the Education Committee Chair position becomes a voting member of the AACPT Board of Directors. This position will be elected by the AACPT membership and will be a 3-year term. This position will evaluate/oversee all pillars: CSM Programming, Online/Virtual, and Bridge The Gap.



  1. Take proposed model; evaluate and develop plan to present to AACPT BoD to move forward to execute.
  2. Identify interested candidates to fill vacant position of the Online/Virtual Pillar and CSM Programming. The Bridge The Gap Pillar is in place with existing Chairs.
  3. Determine appropriate committee members.
  4. Identify, in collaboration with Chairs of each pillar, appropriate number of committee members for each.
  5. Collaborate with existing committees to identify goals and gaps in membership needs.


The AACPT is looking for an individual to begin this interim role in Q1 of 2020. This individual will serve one year in this interim role and then the position will be opened as an elected position by the membership. This would be an outstanding opportunity for the right individual to prove themselves and to be eligible to be slated as a candidate for the three year term.


If you are attending CSM 2020 and you have questions or would like to talk more  about this position, visit our booth  # 1440 and we will be happy to talk more with you about this unique opportunity!

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

2 to 3 years volunteer experience


Margaret Pearl
Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy