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Geriatrics - Education Committee Online Education Sub-Committee Chair

Signup Deadline: 12-13-2019
Starts: 12-14-2019
Ends: 12-14-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


The Online Programming Chair provides oversight and coordination of continuing education programming primarily offered online that currently includes but is not limited to the Home Study Courses (HSC) and Webinars & Learning Center. Working directly with HSC Editor and the Webinar & Learning Center the Chair coordinates online course delivery of relevant topics, identifying potential speakers, marketing of online courses, and serving as a liaison to the administrative office for specific webinar course needs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. As an integral part of the Education Committee, the Online Programming Chair participates in conducting an educational needs assessment for membership as appropriate to assist with planning continuing education online programming. 
  2. With the Education Committee Chair, plan and coordinate a yearly online educational programming within budget parameters. Develop a yearly calendar of events for online programming. 
  3. Serve as direct liaison to the HSC Editor, online course speaker/s, Academy office, and APTA Learning Center as necessary.
  4. Identify potential speakers for online courses such as webinars, podcasts, online modules/courses (coordinating with the HSC Editor). Identify and contact AGPT SIGs, APTA components, researchers/ clinicians/academicians, and institutions as potential course speakers and/or authors.
  5. Review speaker contract details with the Academy’s administration for generation of an official contract. Coordinate advertising of online courses with the Academy office.
  6. With the HSC Editor, review and ensure contracts with authors are up-to-date.  
  7. Advertising should take place as early as possible after courses are “set” (e.g. optimally at least 2 months prior to a webinar) and should creatively use multiple media for reaching possible registrants.
  8. Communicate regularly with the Education Committee Chair, HSC Editor, Academy office, and APTA Learning Center as necessary, to make sure all requirements of online course planning and delivery are being met on time, to allow for advance advertising. 
  9. Submit an annual budget for all upcoming courses to the Education Committee Chair for the board liaison by the established deadline, usually in the fall.
  10. Track course budget for home study courses and online web-based courses.
  11. Report annual activities to the Education Committee Chair, regarding online programming activities when directed, usually prior to CSM.
  1. Provide a yearly analysis (and as needed) of online programming in writing to Education Committee Chair. In coordination with the Academy office, HSC editor, and/or APTA Learning Center, perform a quality performance review of online courses.
  2. Orient your successor.
  3. All Officers/Committee Chairs must sign an annual Conflict of Interest and Whistleblower document.



Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

2 to 3 years volunteer experience


Christina McCoy
Section on Geriatrics, APTA