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's mission statement reflects why we exist: YOU. Your efforts impact the lives of patients, students, and colleagues on a daily basis. Your engagement in the conversation and the work of this association is how we move this profession forward. Build your community by volunteering. You are APTA.

Interested in volunteering for facilities in need of assistance due to COVID-19? Add your name to the COVID-19 PT Volunteer Roster to be connected when needs emerge in your area. Facilities with volunteer needs, please fill out this form. Access additional resources on COVID-19 at APTA.org.

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Volunteer Spotlight


Meet Nancy. Nancy Kirsch, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA is a physical therapist and longtime volunteer who has been sharing her wisdom and insights with others for years. We asked Nancy a few questions about how she first became engaged in APTA. Here's what she had to say.