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APTA National - Occupational safety and health federal agency advisory panels

Signup Deadline: 04-05-2021
Starts: 04-06-2021
Ends: 01-01-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


Federal agencies charter a variety of Advisory Panels and Committees to provide advice and guidance to the federal agency administrators and/or agency directors on occupational safety and health research and prevention programs and occupational safety and health programs and policies.

APTA Engage is being utilized to identify individuals who are interested in being nominated by APTA to serve on Committees or Advisory Panels that advise these federal agencies. Potential candidates, if selected, must be willing and able to represent the physical therapy profession in its entirety.

This is not an APTA-appointed position. When APTA nominates a candidate, the nomination is sent directly to the federal agency. The federal agency is responsible for selecting appointees and any future communications on appointment status will come directly from the agency.

These opportunities may require travel to Washington, DC or Baltimore, MD and follow-up calls and webinars. Specific dates are not available at this time.


Federal Agencies

Volunteers Needed:

10 (10 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Dena Kilgore