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APTA Engage Volunteer Admin - Training Webinar - August

Signup Deadline: 08-14-2019
Starts: 08-15-2019
Ends: 08-15-2019
Location: Online Opportunity


We'll be hosting a series of live Q&A webinars to help orient volunteer admins to using APTA Engage to post volunteer opportunities. Component executives are already designated as volunteer admins. If your component would like to assign someone else the role of volunteer admin, please contact Dena Kilgore

This webinar will be a 1-hour live Q&A session. Please review the training materials posted in the Library of the Volunteer Admin Resources page prior to participating and come prepared with questions. A link will be provided in advance of the session. 

We're excited to engage our members in new and unique ways and look forward to hearing your ideas!

APTA Engage Volunteer Admin Q&A Session 
Thursday, August 15
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm Eastern

Requirements: This session is open only to APTA component executives, staff, or approved volunteer managers. 

Volunteers Needed:

30 (27 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Dena Kilgore