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Global Health for Aging Adults Journal Club Committee Member

Signup Deadline: 02-04-2022
Starts: 02-14-2022
Ends: 02-28-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


APTA Geriatrics facilitates a journal club experience twelve times per year. The journal club provides an opportunity for each special interest group of APTA Geriatrics to highlight evidenced based research relevant to their members for presentation. The goal of the club is to not only present current evidence based research, but also assist in the translation of the evidence into practice for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.
Members of the Committee: There will be two GHAA members who will serve as the SIG Journal Club Liaisons. This is a volunteer appointed position selected from interested GHAA members by the GHAA leadership team.
Committee Responsibilities:
1) The JGPT Editor will provide the VP with a list of JGPT articles on the upcoming topic at least 3 months in advance of the date the GeriNotes Case Report will be published. VP will forward the list to the SIG Journal Club liaison in January with reminder that JClub is coming up. GHAA’s Journal club month is March.
2) The SIG JClub liaison(s) selects at least 2 articles from list of topic-relevant JGPT published articles over last 2-3 years. This article should be identified as early as possible to allow time for JGPT Editor to contact authors about participation. Ideally- SIG JClub liaison(s) should identify at least 2 priority ranked articles in case authors from first choice cannot participate.
a. Articles from other publications may be used when no JGPT topic article exists or is suitable, and if a significant article/clinical guidance is published elsewhere that would benefit APTA Geriatrics membership (example: APTA Geriatrics workgroup publishes elsewhere). If this is the case, responsibility for author contact rests with the SIG JClub liaison, not the JGPT Editor.
3) The SIG JClub liaison will share their “top 2” JGPT article choices with JGPT Editor by the middle of January (and cc VP, GeriNotes Editor, and Journal Club coordinator, GHAA leadership team), ranked choice.
4) The JGPT Editor will contact authors of choice #1. When author confirmed for the date of the JClub, the Editor will notify the SIG liaison, Gerinotes Editor and Journal Club Coordinator.
a. If authors from choice #1 decline invitation, JGPT editor will contact authors of choice #2.
5) The GeriNotes Editor will work with the SIG JClub liaison(s) in late January early February and the JClub coordinator to identify a clinician to write the case report. The GHAA Journal club committee will provide a report of the committee’s activities to the GHAA leadership during February.
6) The GeriNotes Editor will oversee case report creation and publication.
7) Once the article and article presenters are confirmed, and the case study presenter is confirmed, the JClub Coordinator will complete the template and send it to APTA Geriatrics communications staff, cc JGPT Editor.
a. The JGPT Editor will forward information to the JGPT Social Media coordinator.
8) The SIG JClub liaison, APTA Geriatrics communication staff, and JGPT Social Media coordinator will promote journal club participation.
Are applicants required to be APTA Geriatrics members?
Qualifications/Experience Required/Eligibility
Must be a GHAA member

Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Kim Thompson
APTA Geriatrics