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IL Chapter: Awards Committee (Term begins Jan 1, 2024)

Signup Deadline: 10-30-2023
Starts: 01-01-2024
Ends: 12-31-2025


The Illinois Physical Therapy Association gives several awards that recognize the efforts of clinicians, educators and leaders toward the advancement of the physical therapy profession. The awards committee is responsible for collecting nominations, reviewing submissions and selecting the slate of winners that is submitted to the IPTA's Board of Directors for approval.  The term is for two years with an option to serve a second term if willing and appointed.

Report to: The IPTA President and Board of Directors. Written reports to the Board of Directors should be submitted as requested.

Committee Composition &Term: The committee is comprised of the immediate past President of IPTA, who serves as Chair, and four members that are appointed by the IPTA President and approved by the IPTA Board of Directors. The Chair's term is until there is a new immediate past President. The committee members serve a two-year term for no more than two consecutive terms.

Position Objective: To honor IPTA members who have made outstanding contributions to the profession of physical therapy. The IPTA awards are:

  • Babette Sanders Leadership & Service
  • Physical Therapist of the Year
  • Physical Therapist Assistant of the Year
  • Emerging Leader
  • John Maselter Friend of Physical Therapy
  • Clinical Educator of the Year
  • Outstanding Physical Therapist Student
  • Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Student
  • Outstanding Physical Therapist Clinician Award
  • Outstanding Physical Therapist Assistant Clinician Award
  • Outstanding Academic Educator Award
  • Societal Impact Award

Benefits: You may develop new skills and you can share your special skills and knowledge with PTs and PTAs, student and others, making a real difference in the physical therapy community. Your participation will help inspire and foster future leadership for the IPTA and the physical therapy profession.

Specific Responsibilities: The committee is responsible for the review and selection of the most qualified candidate(s) for each award. The committee will notify the President of IPTA of the committee's selections. The IPTA Board of Directors will review and approve the slate of award recipients. The award recipients will be honored at the annual Spring Luncheon or other such time that the IPTA Board of Directors deems appropriate. 

Additional committee responsibilities include:

  • Annually reviewing the awards criteria and making recommendations for changes to the IPTA Board of Directors.
  • Promoting the awards nomination process and encouraging District chairs to solicit nominations for the various awards at local meetings and through networking.
  • Ensuring the award recipients are recognized through IPTA communications (PT Priority, website, etc) and include a brief synopsis of their accomplishments.
  • Assist the Chapter in identifying candidates for APTA awards and gathering support documentation as needed.

Time Commitment: This committee is traditionally active January through May and will require approximately 10-15 hours annually. This may include a conference call with committee members to discuss the award candidates. Most work will be conducted via email.

Qualifications: Must be an IPTA PT or PTA member in good standing. In order to be successful in this role, it is important to be a conscientious and reliable team player who can impartially identify award recipients who have made exceptional and lasting contributions to the physical therapy profession and keep the nominees and awardees confidential until they have been publicly announced.

Training and Support: The Chapter office provides annual volunteer orientation as well as ongoing administrative and clerical support for the committee.  Access to resource documents and information is available through www.IPTA.org.

Recourse: The IPTA places great value on the relationship between members, staff, and businesses working together to further our mission. The IPTA also recognizes that there may be occasions when conflicts arise. If such circumstance occurs, please consult with the IPTA President and Executive Director.

Evaluation: The IPTA BOD President will contact you before the completion of your term for feedback on your volunteer experience. This will be used to update this job description, develop appropriate materials, and effectively orient future IPTA volunteers.


Community outreach
Content development/review
Diversity & Inclusion
Early Career
Elected positions
Hospital based outpatient facility or clinic
Hospital-Based Outpatient Facility or Clinic
Knowledge translation
Leadership development
Membership development
Policy and Administration
Private outpatient office or group practice
Professional development
Prospective Student Recruitment
Public awareness
School System (preschool/primary/secondary)
Social media
Speaking engagements
Strategic planning
Student opportunities
Writing articles or blog posts

Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Colleen Flannery
Illinois Chapter