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APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation COVID Core Outcomes Group Member

Signup Deadline: 03-14-2023
Starts: 03-15-2023
Ends: 03-15-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


We are looking for an APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation member with experience overseeing PASC/Long COVID care. Due to evolving understanding of COVID-19 and PASC/Long COVID, a review of the COVID-19 Core Outcome Measures is warranted at this time. The COVID-19 Core Outcome Measures Task Force is charged to open a public survey to gain an understanding of the outcome measures currently being used in these populations, barriers to the use of the core (if any), the clinical presentation of PASC in their clinics, and the clinical definition of PASC in their clinics. The outcome of this survey, in addition to current literature, will be reviewed and should lead to various knowledge translation projects which may include briefing statement, addendum to the core and/or clinical application algorithms. In addition, we will update the original documents with current terminology for Long COVID/PASC to clarify that these documents are intended to apply across the full continuum of patient recovery.

Group members would ideally attend regular meetings (1-2 per month) and contribute about 2 hours of work per week towards the charge. Volunteers should have a good understanding of Long Covid/PASC outcome measurement.

Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Emily Bardach
APTA Academy of Leadership and Innovation