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APTA National - APTA Magazine Asks Questions; Send Us Your Answers!

Signup Deadline: 09-14-2022
Starts: 09-15-2022
Ends: 09-15-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


APTA Magazine wants to hear from you. Our department titled “APTA Asks…” publishes member responses to proposed questions of importance to the profession. APTA Magazine is APTA's monthly member magazine focusing on practice management, health care news relevant to physical therapy, and updates on APTA’s actions to support members and the profession. Magazine staff is seeking volunteers to review and answer questions from the attached list.

We expect to publish a few questions and answers in each issue, including a mix of member demographics and points of view. We will rotate questions on and off the list periodically, so if you don’t see a question now that appeals to you, check back in a few months!

Please note:

  • Maximum word count is 100, and responses may be edited for clarity, style, and space.
  • We will publish the author’s full name and title along with the response.
  • All published responses will become the copyrighted property of APTA.
  • Submitting a response does not guarantee that it will be published, and APTA does not need to provide a reason for failing to publish a submitted response.

Click on "Apply Today" to see the list of questions. Answer any you’re interested in, or close the list and check back later for new questions.


Writing articles or blog posts

Volunteers Needed:

1000 (1000 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Lois Douthitt