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APTA National - 2024 APTA Association Leadership Scholars Program

Signup Deadline: 09-22-2023
Starts: 01-01-2024
Ends: 12-31-2024


The APTA Association Leadership Scholars Program was established during APTA’s 2021 centennial year to build a cadre of future association leaders, both nationally and locally. The program demonstrates APTA’s investment in the sustainability of the association by promoting a diverse leadership pool.

The 2024 program will run Jan. 1-Dec. 31 with a cohort of 25 scholars and five mentors. APTA is sponsoring all scholars in 2024.  

Throughout the year, the selected scholars will engage in a robust curriculum that covers association leadership, management topics, and baseline information for the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan and factors that impact future leaders, such as financial strains, workforce demands, advocacy efforts, and membership recruitment and retention. The focus for 2024 will be on the curriculum and continuing to build a high value, sustainable program for years to come, so scholars will not be tasked to complete individual capstone projects. Group projects and/or engagement activities may be assigned as part of the curriculum and each scholar will be responsible for sharing a year-end assessment of their experience and creating a personal leadership development plan.  

Eligibility and Application Requirements:
1. Must be a current PT, PTA, or student member of APTA.
2. Must attend any required in-person events (expenses paid by APTA) and monthly virtual meetings to meet curriculum requirements.
3. Must submit all required application materials by the application deadline.
4. Must commit to submitting a synopsis to APTA of what you learned and how you benefitted from the program.

Required Application Materials:
1. Completed application.
2. Letter of recommendation from a current chapter or section leader, supervisor, or faculty member (if a current student). The LOR should clearly address all the criteria for scholar selection:
a. The applicant’s ability to fulfill leadership needs and aspirations. Leadership development goals might include diversity, a specific position on a board, or certain leadership roles, e.g., committee chairs.
b. That the applicant is currently serving in an early leadership role, or perhaps they are on the cusp of moving into a leadership position.
c. They have demonstrated commitment to being a future leader, and the candidate sees themselves staying active within the profession for at least three to five years.
d. The applicant values and demonstrates a team approach.
e. The applicant demonstrates a strong work ethic.
f. The applicant is committed to developing and/or advancing APTA’s strategic priorities.
3. Resume or CV detailing educational, professional, and volunteer service experience.

Questions? Email memberengagement@apta.org. 


Diversity & Inclusion
Early Career
Leadership development
Professional development
Strategic planning
Student opportunities

Volunteers Needed:

25 (25 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Amelia Fernandez