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APTA Geriatrics Guideline Development Group (GDG) for Clinical management of Sarcopenia/Frailty in the Older Adult

Signup Deadline: 08-26-2022
Starts: 09-01-2022
Ends: 09-01-2027
Location: Online Opportunity


The GDG is the authoring group of the Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG.) It includes but is not limited to the chair, clinical and content experts, a methodologist, medical professional (e.g., physician specializing in gerontology), and a support staff who produce the guideline document. As a member of the GDG, you will help with the following:
1. Determine the CPG’s scope
2. Review and evaluate the literature
3. Synthesize the empirical evidence
4. Participate in consensus forming to determine evidence-based recommendations
5. Organize, draft, and edit CPG manuscript for review and dissemination (i.e., publication, presentation, and collaborating with other professional organizations to obtain endorsements)

Please specify in your application if you have experience or expertise with one or more of the following: 1. Contributing, developing, and/or writing a CPG or if the equivalence 2. Forming PICO(T)/PECOT questions 3. Conducting systematic reviews 4. Preparing evidence summaries and background documents for recommendation discussions 5. Designing and conducting surveys of people of interest to inform the CPG scope 6. Clinical experience/expertise in managing Sarcopenia/Frailty in the Older Adult
The GDG works closely with the APTA Geriatrics Evidence-based Documents Committee to ensure goals and objectives for the guideline are completed. The GDG works directly with the content experts, critical appraisers, consumers, implementers, and evaluators to ensure the exchange of inclusive, consistent, feasible, and accurate information. Average number of hours required per volunteer is 1-2 hours per week. Signup deadline is 8/26/2022 or until the position is filled. The final decisions of selected GDG members will be determined by the APTA Geriatrics President and/or designee. Please also note that members are not limited to Physical Therapists, as we hope to build an interdisciplinary group. Please contact Arvie Vitente, PT, DPT, PhD, MPH, GCS (Chair, APTA Geriatrics EBD Committee) at vitente1@graceland.edu or June Kume PT MSPT PhD at: june.kume@liu.edu.



Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Kim Thompson
APTA Geriatrics