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APTA KS Bylaws Chair

Starts: 03-14-2021
Location: Online Opportunity



Position:  Appointed by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Term:  Two years or until successors are appointed.

Member of: Board of Directors, but does not attend all meetings.

Structure:  Shall be comprised of Bylaws Chair and other members as appointed by the Board of Directors.

Budget:  Determined at Summer Retreat / Strategic Planning Meeting


Duties and Responsibilities of the Bylaws Chair and Committee:

  • Revise Chapter Bylaws as needed to assure compliance with APTA Bylaws and to ensure they continue to serve the needs of the Chapter.
  • Utilize automatic approval mechanism to maintain compliance with APTA Bylaws or editorial changes, which are:
  • Prepare amendments, submit to Board of Directors for approval, Copies of amendments shall be sent by mail to each Chapter member via the newsletter (compliance and editorial changes do not require the vote of the Chapter membership). Submit amended Bylaws to APTA Board of Directors through the Component Relations Department for approval.
  • Submit proposed Chapter Bylaws or Bylaw amendments to the Component Relations Department of the APTA, prior to being voted upon by the Chapter membership to ensure compliance with APTA Bylaws.
  • Prepare Bylaws or Bylaw amendments, submit to Board of Directors for approval, submit to Component Relations Department of APTA giving them date amendments will be voted upon by Chapter membership. Two copies of current Bylaws and two copies of proposed Bylaws with revisions and rationale shall be submitted.
  • Arrange for publication and distribution of the proposed Bylaws or approved APTA Bylaw amendments to the Chapter membership at least ten days in advance of the meeting at which they are to be voted upon.
  • Present proposed Bylaws or Bylaw amendments to the membership at business meeting.
  • After approval by a two-thirds vote of the membership present and voting, a final copy of the Bylaws including the date of adoption must be sent to the Component Relations Department of the APTA.
  • Arrange for publication and distribution of Chapter Bylaws to the membership as needed, and to new members as they join (this is done through the Member Resource Handbook and/or New Member Packet).
  • Annually solicit from the Board of Directors and their Committees, a written description of the changes in purpose, duties, policies and operations of their office, committee and/or subcommittee.
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings as needed to keep Bylaws current.
  • Serve as a resource at meetings where proposed revisions of the Bylaws are presented.
  • Monitor by attendance or through communication with Chapter Chief Delegate or APTA correspondence, any proposed amendments of APTA Bylaws during meetings of the House of Delegates.




Membership development

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Camille Snyder