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APTA Student Assembly - Host a National Advocacy Dinner

Starts: 01-22-2021


Host a National Advocacy Dinner (NAD) for your DPT or PTA program anytime between April 1 - May 10, 2020.

Hosting an event entails determining a date, time, and location for your NAD, and promoting your event to classmates and local DPT and PTA students, if capacity permits. 

NADs are robust events for learning the top legislative issues affecting your future profession and patients, and how YOU can get involved and make a difference NOW as a student advocate.The dinner offers a great chance to meet and mingle with physical therapy students, faculty, and leaders from your area.

Also, we're here to help! An Advocacy Project Committee (PC) has been appointed by the Student Assembly Board of Directors to assist students with planning National Advocacy Dinners. This year's Advocacy PC Chair is Emily Brittingham, and she can be reached at aptasa.advocacy@gmail.com.

This opportunity is open only to SPT and SPTA members of APTA.

Upon applying, you will be contacted with additional information to help make your National Advocacy Dinner a success!

Volunteers Needed:

100 (92 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Daniel Hamilton