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APTA National - Add Your Photo to APTA's Centennial Mosaic

Starts: 02-13-2021
Location: Online Opportunity


Be a part of APTA history! 

Add your photo to APTA’s centennial mosaic project,that reflects APTA's vibrant community of members. 

Each picture in the interactive mosaic is searchable and clickable — when you bring it up, it shows not only the photo uploaded, but the poster's response to one of three prompts: "I love APTA because," "In our second century, I aspire to," or "My physical therapy hero is." And, there are links to allow for easy sharing of your favorite photos via social media.

We expect to have posters of the final mosaic available later this year.

Thank you for being a member and for helping to celebrate APTA's first 100 years!

Volunteers Needed:

5000 (4996 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Dena Kilgore