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APTA National – Panel presenter for Juvenile Arthritis Physical Wellness Challenges and Solutions

Signup Deadline: 06-30-2023
Starts: 07-21-2023
Ends: 07-23-2023
Location: Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel 2450 Galleria Pkwy., Atlanta, GA 30339, Atlanta, GA 30339 volunteer opportunity location


The Arthritis Foundation is looking for a PT in the Atlanta area to be part of a panel at the following:

Title: JA Physical Wellness Challenges and Solutions

Time: Saturday, July 22;  2:00pm –3:15pm ET

Description: In addition to joint pain, a juvenile arthritis diagnosis can contribute to a variety of complications, such as limited mobility, lack of appetite, weight management issues (being underweight or overweight), vitamin deficiencies, gut health issues, sleep problems and more. This session will discuss the most common physical challenges of JA and explore ways to solve them with medical and lifestyle management. Experts in this panel discussion and presentation will include a pediatric rheumatologist and gut health expert, a dietitian and pediatric physical therapist.

Panelists will present about fifteen minutes a piece for a total of 45 minutes, and we’ll leave room for about 30 minutes of Q&A from parents in the audience. The Arthritis Foundation will happily talk through more logistics and expectations with the volunteer and assist them with whatever they may need – PPT, talking points, etc. The Arthritis Foundation will do as much heavy lifting they can do for them as possible. 

Also looking for a PT (ideally the same person) to participate in a more informal roundtable (mostly parent Q&A) about the benefits and to-do’s when getting started with PT the same day at 10:45am. 


Speaking engagements

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Anita Bemis-Dougherty