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APTA National - Reference Committee 2023

Signup Deadline: 08-15-2022
Starts: 01-01-2023
Ends: 01-01-2023


APTA is seeking two physical therapist members to serve on the APTA Reference Committee for a three-year term, beginning Jan. 2023. The Reference Committee receives and correlates motions and resolutions to be presented to the House of Delegates and provides year-round consultation, guidance, and direction on motion development. 

The Reference Committee is a committee of the House of Delegates and is appointed by the Officers of the House of Delegates.



The Bylaws of the American Physical Therapy Association (Article VII., Section 2, B.) provide the Reference Committee shall assist the House in meeting its responsibilities as prescribed in the standing rules.

The Standing Rules of the American Physical Therapy Association (SR 7) provide all main motions and resolutions, except for procedural motions presented for action by the House, shall be referred to the Reference Committee unless this rule is suspended in any particular case by a majority vote of the House. The committee:

  • Reviews main motions that are submitted by the established deadline.

  • Determines if the main motion criteria have been met (see SR 9).

  • Provides advice and counsel regarding form, wording, and method of presentation of matters to be presented to the House.

 All APTA appointed groups will conduct their work with the American Physical Therapy Association Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in mind and in the context of (1) APTA's Mission, Vision, Strategic Plan and House of Delegates and Board of Directors adopted positions and policies; and (2) the potential for their work to have implications related to physical therapist assistants, women, diversity, and risk management.


  • Committee members shall be Physical Therapist members.

  • Knowledge of APTA governance structure and the interrelationship between APTA governing documents such as the articles of incorporation, bylaws, standing rules, and policies.

  • Strong communication and the ability to impartially guide members through a process from start to finish.

  • Understanding of APTA House of Delegates processes, structure, and function.

  • Ability to analyze and synthesize a vast amount of information.

  • Ability to collaborate with delegates, component leaders and other stakeholders to elicit input.

  • Experience as a delegate to the House.


The committee meets virtually throughout the year with one onsite meeting to develop the packet of main motions, and travels to the House of Delegates.


The Reference Committee consists of five members including the chair. The Speaker of the House of Delegates serves as an ex-officio member of the committee. The APTA bylaws (Article V., Section 5.) provide that all members of the committee serve as consultants to the House and that committee members may not serve concurrently as delegates to the House.


The APTA bylaws (Article VII, Section 2, B) provide members shall serve three-year terms with at least one member being appointed each year.



Volunteers Needed:

2 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

More than 10 years volunteer experience


Cheryl Robinson