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Geriatrics - Academic Education Chair

Signup Deadline: 10-22-2021
Starts: 10-29-2021
Ends: 01-01-2023
Location: Online Opportunity


The APTA Geriatrics Education Committee promotes best education resources related to the practice of physical therapy for older adults. The committee will oversee development.

A. Purpose
The Academic Education Chair provides oversight and development of activities related to the education of entry-level physical therapists and physical therapist assistants related to geriatric practice. The chair oversees development and updates of education content related to best practices in geriatric care, including but not limited to: essential competencies in the care of older adults and entry-level competencies in the care of older adults. The chair, with the academic education committee, develops mechanisms for information and resource sharing, discussions of relevant topics, and professional networking related to PT and PTA education in the area of geriatric physical therapy. The Chair utilizes a variety of mechanisms for including liaising with APTA, the APTA Geriatrics Education Committee, external organizations, and other APTA Geriatrics Committee Chairs.

B. Organization and Operations
1. Office: The Academic Education Chair is a member of the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy appointed by the Board of Directors.
2. Resignation
       a. The Academic Education Chair shall submit a letter of resignation, in writing to the Director of Education.
       b. In the event of a vacancy, the President will appoint a new chair for the remainder of the chair's term.
3. Meetings: If attending CSM, attend the Academy Member’s Meeting and at least one Board Meeting (some expense reimbursement is provided). If not able to attend meetings as required, expense reimbursement will NOT occur without prior approval of the President and Board Liaison.

C. Duties and Responsibilities
1. Develop and maintain a standing academic committee composed of interested and dedicated PT and PTA APTA Geriatrics members interested in academic education. Plan and oversee any committee meetings.
2. With the Online Committee Chair and Director of Education, plan and coordinate a yearly plan for engaging educators through a variety of mechanisms including but not limited to webinars, publications, podcasts, or new initiatives, all within budget parameters. Explore the development of a yearly calendar of events for online programming.
3. Encourage involvement of PT and PTA educators in APTA Geriatrics activities related to students that include but not limited to: student brochure development, student awards, activities related to entry-level education.
4. Oversee and committee activities year-round: Keep a list of activities and volunteers. Communicate with volunteers regularly. Support their work, make sure that their projects fit within the mission of the Academy and the APTA. When applicable, connect volunteers with other Academy officers (for instance, if a volunteer is creating something that should go in the newsletter, help them submit it to the newsletter editor).

Training and Guidance

The Director of Education will arrange to talk over the telephone with you within two weeks of receipt of the orientation packet and manual. The Director of Education will provide support throughout the term, will work with you when needed to make decisions such as canceling courses, and is available to answer any questions. 


The Academic Education Chair should have the knowledge and skills in the practice and education of geriatric physical therapy through the growth and development of accredited educational programs in either PT or PTA Programs. 

Must be a member of APTA Geriatrics.

If applicant is in their early career, there may be a mentorship and experience as a member in the Academy of Geriatrics is preferred.

Must maintain a working e-mail address in APTA’s database. 

Must generally be able to respond to member, officer, and APTA staff queries sent via e-mail or phone within one week.


Commitment: 3-year term, estimated 8-10 hours per month. 



Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Kim Thompson
APTA Geriatrics