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APTA KS Payment Chair

Starts: 03-14-2021
Location: Online Opportunity

Note:  All necessary volunteers are scheduled



Structure:  Reimbursement Chair(s) – Appointed by the Executive Committee – Approved by the Board of Directors

Term:  Two years, or until successor is named

Committee Members: Appointed by the Committee Chair

Subcommittees:  None

Budget:  Determined at Summer Retreat / Strategic Planning Meeting


Duties and Responsibilities for the Reimbursement Committee:

  • Work to achieve and/or maintain optimal reimbursement levels for physical therapy professionals in Kansas.
  • Provide/solicit information to/from physical therapy professionals in Kansas regarding reimbursement.
  • Serve as a resource for therapy professionals seeking information on reimbursement issues.
  • Establish networking with representative of the reimbursement community involved with physical therapy services.
  • Provide information to therapy professionals through the Chapter newsletter about reimbursement issues.
  • Read and keep up to date on reimbursement issues through networking, APTA and other media.
  • If fiscally prudent, and budgeted, attend APTA workshops and focus group activities regarding reimbursement activities and report back to the Board of Directors.
  • Upon retiring, notify contact persons in the reimbursement community of the change and provide up-to-date listing to incoming Chair of these contacts and progress made.
  • Become familiar with billing and reimbursement issues so when therapy professionals call with questions, they can be answered.



Volunteers Needed:

1 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

No experience


Camille Snyder