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Standards and Practice Committee Chair

Signup Deadline: 03-15-2022
Starts: 03-16-2022
Ends: 01-01-2023
Location: Online Opportunity



Structure:  Standards and Practice Chair(s) – Appointed by the Executive Committee – Approved by the Board of Directors.

Term:  Two years, or until a successor is named.

Committee Members: Appointed by the Committee Chair

Subcommittees: Member on the Impaired Provider Coordinator Committee (Peer Review Coordinator only as applicable)

Budget:  Determined at Summer Retreat / Strategic Planning Meeting

Duties and Responsibilities of the Standards and Practice Committee:

  • Chair to oversee each subcommittee to ensure that the educational needs of all members are being met.
  • Chair to coordinate the efforts of each subcommittee to set goals and objectives and meet them accordingly.
  • Chair to serve as a liaison between the subcommittees and the Board of Directors.
  • Chair to serve as an ex-officio member of each subcommittee and meet with them as necessary.
  • Support the profession’s commitment to provide an optimum level of physical therapy care.
  • Assist members in striving for excellence in practice.
  • Uphold the Standards of Practice for physical therapy to ensure conditions and performances that are essential for quality physical therapy care.
  • Identify and address educational needs related to practice, professional conduct, ethics and professional impairment.
  • Maintain and provide reference information on the Standards of Practice for physical therapy including, but not limited to, the following areas: Administration of physical therapy services, Provision of care, Education, Research, Community Responsibility, Legal/ethical concerns.
  • Chair to provide direct assistance to the Executive Committee (VP) for monitoring the Impaired Providers Program. The KPTA VP will hold the position on Impaired Provider Coordinator (IPC). Standards and Practice Chair will also serve on the Impaired Providers Coordinator Committee.  In the event that there is no chair, committee members will be allowed, as needed and approved by Board of Directors of the KPTA.




Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

1 year or less volunteer experience


Lisa Vargo Racz