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APTA KS Public Relations Subcommittee--Website Coordinator

Starts: 03-14-2021
Location: Online Opportunity



Website Coordinator

Structure:  The website coordinator is appointed by the PR chair upon approval of the Board of Directors.

Term:  Two years, or until a successor is named.  Can be also an agreed upon period of time if shorter.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Website Coordinator

Includes Content specifications for the Website and  Social Media Outlets


  • Facebook, Instagram and twitter may be used by any committee members of the PR committee. However, content can and should not be provided if the information is protected by APTA/APTA KS membership benefits.
  • All social media will be monitored for appropriateness by the President, Liaison to the PR committee or the PR Chair. Any questionable content will be eliminated by the President, Liaison to the PR committee, or the PR Chair and discussed as needed with the person or entity (third party firm) as needed.
  • Promote information management to facilitate communication among all members and prospective members.
  • **Primary Duty:  Update available information on the APTA KS’s web page and keep it current. The procedure for keeping the web page current is to organize your preferences before you request a change (i.e. “new Standards and Practice Chair ____________ replaces__________” )(be sure to include all professional identities approved by the APTA).  Then ask the ED to have a specific task completed via a “ticket” request to the webmaster.  If you need additional assistance, please ask your liaison or the ED directly.  If you are sending photos with captions, again ensure that your request is correct and succinct before sending it to the ED, as the ED may not know the specific professional significance or reference of your request.
  • Manage KPTA list-serves with assistance of the Executive Director (most of this is already done)
  • Assist with electronic distribution of Chapter newsletter if needed (input appropriate content of Newsletter into the website).
  • Explore other technology benefits for the chapter, i.e. online courses, online stores, blogs, and advertiser revenue, including job postings.
  • Facilitate appropriate information disbursement for the other chairs specific to programming, CEUs (professional competency) and membership on the website; however, these entities can coordinate with the ED specifically if needed.



Early Career
Membership development
Social media
Student opportunities

Volunteers Needed:

1 (1 open slot)

Experience Required:

No experience


Phil Kilmer